A Few Choice Words for Hubby

And since one of his love languages is words of affirmation, here are fifty (go ahead, count them!) adjectives to describe what I think of him:

Able, affectionate, amazing, astute, attentive, benevolent, bona-fide, caring, clever, compassionate, decent, discerning, doting, encouraging, estimable, friendly, funny, gifted, Godly, good-natured, handsome, helpful, honorable, intelligent, introspective, judicious, kind, laudable, meritorious, neat, neighborly, observant, passionate, perceptive, perspicacious, philosophical, sagacious, selfless, sensational, sensitive, sharp, striking, sublime, sympathetic, terrific, thoughtful, understanding, upright, wise, and wonderful!

Happy Birthday, Amor!

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