A lot of shakin’ goin’ on…

(This posted copied from our ministry site):

Southern Mexico has experienced over 100 earthquakes/tremors already this month (October 2009)*. This is not an unusual phenomenon, but rather typical for this part of Mexico.  Nearly 30 of those have occurred here in Oaxaca state these past two weeks alone!

Last month a couple bigger ones hit (4.7 and 4.1) two nights in a row.  Mike woke up to both while I stayed fast asleep. Now you know who’s the light sleeper and who’s out like a bear in hibernation! The first night he woke up to a crash; it was the stack of board games from a small closet that had toppled out when the door swung open.

We don’t always feel the smaller ones, but often notice it’s effect. For example, the clothesline in the back yard may suddenly swing when there is no wind, or the water in the 25 gallon water jug suddenly swishes and gurgles a big bubble without anyone near it. The worst effect is the broken water lines in the street. Sometimes we’ll see a stream of water running down the dirt road to nowhere and wonder, “was it a heavy truck or another tremor?” that caused it.

However, when we do feel them, it can be momentarily unnerving – especially when Mike is on the third floor teaching at the Bible Institute and I’m on the second floor working in the library. Also, the fact that our kids are on the opposite end of the city with a mountain crossing between us could lend to stress should a bigger one hit during the day.

Tremors and earthquakes are just another part of the uncertainties of life – of which we all have our share. This is where we can stop and thank God for the peace He offers through knowing his Son, Jesus Christ.

This is also why we continue teaching and preaching the Gospel, so that many can come to know that same peace – and not only for the uncertainties found in this life, but rather so they’ll have certainties regarding their eternal life.

*according to Mexico’s National Earthquake Center (if you go there, scroll over the ‘sismicidad reciente’ tab, then highlight and click on ‘ultimos sismos’).

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