A Mom in Need

I am posting this for a friend of a friend who writes:

Imagine you’re a mom of four, living with MS, still readjusting to life in the states after years spent abroad… your doctor tells you to come in right away–you have stage 4 T-cell lymphoma, possibly caused by the medication you’ve been taking for MS. This is what happened to Sandi Rog on November 1, 2010. For the last year, Sandi has endured chemo, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant, with the hope of destroying this aggressive cancer. And then… new tumors were discovered near her spine that show the cancer has not succumbed the way we had all hoped. So now, in the face of the holiday season, the Rog family finds themselves settling in for another year of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual battle as Sandi faces more treatments–one of which holds much promise but is not covered by insurance. As you can imagine, the financial cost of fighting cancer can be overwhelming, and that’s why we’re hosting this fundraiser.

You can help by buying a five dollar raffle ticket to win items that have been donated. Read more about the fundraiser here.

See the donated items (book baskets, creatively lovely hand crafted items, and many other wonderful gift ideas!) to be raffled here.

Or, if you’d like to simply make a donation to help Sandi and her family, you can do so through GiveForward-SandiRog.

And please pray for Sandi, her husband, and her four children as they walk through this difficult time together.

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