A T-Ball Player in the Big League

At least that’s how I feel in deciding to submit photos to an Art Show/Contest.

Last year I became quite excited when I saw the in-house invitation for Assembly of God missionaries to submit their artwork or photos to a first ever Global Art Around the World display.

But then I lost my computer to rain and the deadline came and went.

This year I was determined to submit an entry form, which I’ve already done. Photos were posted on the Gallery page of this blog as friends picked through their top three choices.

Below are the finalists, but I have to admit: I’m getting cold feet. I feel like a kindergarten t-ball player who volunteered to bat in a major league game. Or maybe it’s my perspective that is skewed?

I’m a quick draw, I point and shoot. I use a $99 Fujifilm camera set on “auto”.


The photos were never taken with an artistic eye, nor carefully, nor with a Canon Rebel (or whatever real photographers use), nor with the intention of having anything more become of them than memories for our missionary album.

Couple those facts with seeing last year’s winning entries and, yes, I started comparing. (Don’t you hate that?)

So here I am, obligated to bypass my doubts (entry form sent; what’s done is done) as I move toward the next step in the submission process: finding a quality place to print enlarged copies, then mounting, framing, and sending the pieces to the USA.

Batter’s up!

And if anyone out there wants to give this sweaty palmed, knocking knees photographer any tips on printing, framing, and mounting, I’m all ears. Or eyes. Or whatever.

P.S. The art show organizers will put all entries up for sale and portions of the proceeds go to ministries rescuing those trapped in human trafficking…and the remainder comes back to help us in our work. It’s all good.

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