Abused and Devalued. Then, an Invitation to Jesus.


The following testimony is true, as told by Elfega, one of our former Bible School students who now pastors near the location where the photo below was taken. 

“I was a very hard person to reach with the Gospel because of my childhood experience. I grew up in a home of daily violence and humiliation; a home where a woman was considered trash. Deep inside me grew a desire for revenge and I made it my goal to do whatever necessary to get even with men. Even as a student, I pushed myself, not for my own advancement in high academics, but for the purpose of demeaning men by showing them that women are capable of achieving important status if they pursue it.
I never accepted anyone’s love. In fact, when I was dating, I did so only to play games with my boyfriends. I would wait for them to fall deeply in love with me, only so I could break up with them suddenly. I wanted them to feel as worthless as my mother and I had been made to feel by my father, who despised us on the account of being women.
I would even yell at my father in hatred that I’d rather marry an evangelical than marry someone like him! I came to the conclusion that if and when I’d meet a man I was attracted to, I would have a child, then live my life as a single mother.
But Christ had other plans for me.
He led a man my way who was different than the rest; someone who didn’t call me names, someone who showed me that my anger and hunger for revenge were hurting me and that I needed to give that to God. We dated for five years and then married.
But still I lived in fear that sooner or later I would be treated as my mother had been in her marriage. It took sixteen years for the prayers of my husband and his parents to break through.
Christ reached down and saved me.
I began to attend church and was later baptized in the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Later, I knew that God was calling me to minister the same Good News I received to others. This is why I enrolled for the weekend classes at IBAO (Instituto Biblico Alfa Y Omega).
I continue learning, and in the process am gratefully reminded that I am a valuable treasure, loved so much by God that he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. He changed my life. I now see life through a new perspective and have learned how to love and be loved.
Praise the Lord for that! My future plans are to take God’s word to the multitudes who have never heard of such love, to those who are made to feel worthless because of color, gender, or social status. I am willing to become a missionary and go where Jesus Christ has not yet been proclaimed as the Savior of the World.
Please pray for me.
by Elfega Ortíz Ramos, translated by I.K.Hadinger

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