Back and blessed

I’m playing blog catch-up.

As I look back over the past month or so, I am counting my blessings and naming them one by one. I feel blessed to have seen my family – our college boys, my parents, in-laws. I miss them; there is a void, but I console myself in that we did have opportunity to spend time with them.

Just crossed the border - Ciudad Acuña

in a taxi on flooded streets of Saltillo









I am grateful we made it back safely. It was a longer journey than expected. After crossing the border, we made it to Saltillo. We crossed paths with hurricane Alex, who obligated us to an extended stay there. We were finally  able to resume our journey, although the rains continued in the north. Per the news,  north-eastern Mexican states have suffered severely from flooding and the main highway we took now sits underwater in various parts. In other parts, that same highway has been washed away.

highway south of Saltillo

Janene, Missionary Associate

Another blessing is a missionary associate, Janene, who we picked up in San Antonio and brought down with us. She stayed with us for the first week, then temporarily settled into another home in prep for a ministry team we hosted last week. She has displayed a gracious attitude and we know God has good plans for her here in Oaxaca.

We rejoiced in God’s protection as we drove through Queretero trying to find a hotel for the night. We had exited the highway but couldn’t get the hotel drive-way without having to go around the block, which we did. However, we also noticed that, next to the hotel, we drove past a number of partially masked men in black, armed with semiautomatic weapons standing along the street and inside a gate. By the time we made it around the block, the road had been closed off and sirens wailed as dozens of police cars flew by, toward the very spot we had just passed. We did make it to another hotel, and although never found out what the commotion was, some of the locals simply assumed it had something to do with the cartel that “owns” that city. Makes one reaffirm convictions of the reality of angels.

I also thank God that our home wasn’t broken into or robbed in our absence this time, although we believe there may have been motive to do so since our female dog, Bonnie, died from being poisoned a few days before we returned.

One of three classes during VBS

We were also blessed with a great time of ministry last week as we hosted a team from New Jersey who worked with us in helping two newer churches during their VBS week, as well as other ministries. We were so grateful for the preparation and excellent attitude with which the team arrived. Their prayer and fasting beforehand we believe determined the outcome in advance.

We have highs and lows. Some days are great, while other days things may not go our way. In between laughter and fun, there may be struggle, sadness, and pain in the path, but it’s good to give thanks to God in all things. It’s His will for us in Jesus Christ.

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