Back Labor

Friday Photo from the Field:

This photo was snapped further up our street as we were taking the kids to school.  This is a common sight in our pueblo.  Sometimes it’s a man, sometimes a woman.  Sometimes they carry hay for feed, other times wood for the fire.

carrying his load

Let me ask you this: If you were driving past this man, would you offer him a ride?  Why or why not?

If you said yes, you have the same impulse we had in the beginning- and probably for the same reason: because we want to help them out or perhaps even feel bad for them. “Poor soul“, we think.  And there we go thinking like Americans again.  Truth be told, they’ve been doing this their entire life and they don’t feel inconvenienced at all!  They would be offended to be called a ‘poor soul’. Sometimes in this culture when help or a kindness is offered (what we perceive as such), it does not bring about the expected response.  Usually it’s a strange look that asks, “why?”

Even though I’m stretching the connection, I couldn’t help but think of these verses in Galatians 6:

v2  Bear one another’s burden’s, and so fulfill Christ’s law v5  For each one shall bear his own load

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