Being vs. Doing: When Word Became Flesh

This continues the thought from my last post titled I Feel So Stupid! by weighing it in the balance of Christ’s life, who was the epitome of “being” before “doing” here on earth.

Back to Jesus: He didn’t do much. But He was, and began his learning process of being human, while still being divine.

Have you considered…

Instead of picking up the down-trodden, Jesus had to wait to be picked up.

Instead of speaking things into creation, He couldn’t speak at all.

Instead of providing food for the hungry, he waited to be fed.

Instead of teaching His perfect wisdom and limitless knowledge, He attended school and learned from teachers who comparatively knew nothing.

Instead of forming man from the dust, he had to learn how to form things that human hands taught him, by cutting and smoothing wood into objects like chairs and tables. Hands He created cutting the wood He created. Wasn’t that beneath Him? He was capable of so much more!

Humility never before lived out like this, nor since.

And we complain when we feel limited in what we can do. Because we feel stupid? Because our pride, clothed in false humility, wants others to know how gifted we are, to see our array of talents, and impress those who know us. Pats on the back, then amazing newsletters sent back home.

Suddenly I feel…minuscule before Him.

My pondering continues and I wonder about the feathers lost to the fluttering of angels’ wings as they flew back and forth those thirty earthly years waiting for their King of Glory to show who He really was and perform His first miracle since being sent. “Lord, just do it, we know You!” they could have said.

Except they didn’t take into consideration that first the Spirit would lead him into a lonely, hungry, boring, hot, thirsty and difficult desert He would endure for forty days. A desert where His enemy would confront Him, tempt Him, mock Him, and try to steal from Him.

All this, after years of doing nothing to impress his supporters, or before His first miracle.

But that doesn’t seem quite right. I believe He did impress his supporters (His Heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit, and the hosts of heaven) because He was doing exactly what He was supposed to by simple being. He was becoming by growing in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. And through it all they backed Him with whispers from heaven, their prayers, and eternal encouraging support.

Finally the time came, He was ready to begin the work He was sent to do.

But, wait! He did what? He went looking for help? Peter? Seriously? That guy has issues, seems as arrogant as the day is long. Judas? No way, that guy’s only in it for the money. Besides them, ten others. He could have easily done it alone.

Humility again displayed in a way foreign to our thinking. An example He knows we’ll reach only in part but hopes we’ll try nonetheless.

Jesus, the Word, became flesh and dwelt among us. Our perfect example of being, then doing, and that with the help of others.

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