Better than yakking…

So many talking heads on every channel giving us opinions on how to change the world, stop the war, lower gasoline prices and help Britney behave.  Sometimes I just want to see real news, not yakking portals.

Too bad the following didn’t make it as a top news story, for it is much more productive than a million opinionated persons:  

New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg Proclaimed Sunday, September 9 officially the “Prayer in the Square” day.

Here’s the scoop:

On Sunday afternoon, September 9, New York’s Time Square was closed to traffic. It wasn’t closed for some parade or protest. No, in fact, by mayoral decree, Times Square was closed for an hour of prayer.
After receiving permission and months of preparation, Times Square Church hosted an event of its own: a one-hour public prayer service in Times Square this past Sunday to pray for the city and for revival. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg even issued a proclamation naming September 9, 2007, “Prayer in the Square Day.”  ( )  “We had been anticipating between 6 to 10,000 people, but when we were done, we estimated more than 10,000 were there.” The hour-long gathering ran from 3 to 4 p.m. on Sunday. Eleven chosen leaders led the audience in prayer, interspersed with songs by the 180-member Times Square Church choir. The entire event was simulcast on the News Astrovision Screen located at 1 Times Square and Christian radio station WWDJ.  “It [the prayer] literally reverberated down the canyon of Times Square,” recalls Duane Durst, superintendent of the New York Assemblies of God and an invited participant. Others who led the thousands in attendance in prayer included: Pastor David Epstein of Calvary Baptist Church prayed for churches; Evangelist Nicky Cruz prayed for the end of gangs and drugs and for safety of the city; Pastor Bill Carrol of Times Square Church (TSC) prayed for police, firefighters and emergency medical responders; Teresa Conlon of TSC prayed for the families of New York City; Lt. Eduardo Turbanos of the Salvation Army prayed for poor and the homeless; Pastor Russell Hodgins from International Christian Center (AG) prayed for New York City’s safety and security; Pastor Patrick Pierre of TSC prayed for schools, colleges and universities; and General Robert Dees from Campus Crusade for Christ prayed for the military. There was a real powerful, peaceful presence of the Lord there,” says AG missionary Don Geraci. “Everyone came together very solemnly to lift up the city and pray.” Durst says that churches from as far away as Alabama and along the East Coast joined in prayer from 3 to 4 p.m., praying for revival in New York City. “It was well done, well planned and well timed,” Durst states. “It was an excellent representation of the body of Christ working together.. . . . there is hope that this will become an annual event.” “I really felt like God was smiling down on New York City because God’s people had come together and were lifting up praise and prayer heavenward,” Durst adds. “The prayer is that there would be a great awakening in New York City, such as there was 150 years ago with Jeremiah Lanphier [the Fulton Street Revival] . . . that that great revival would be replicated in our day.”

That we would see more news like this!

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