My voice is back- my blog voice that is. As the last couple posts revealed, I did have various computer difficulties. I was able to pick up my computer in time for my class, so the Geek Squad did a great job in fulfilling my request to have it fixed rapido. (I have to throw in this praise report: I had prayed for two things specifically – that I didn’t lose files, etc. by them having to completely re-boot my system and that the cost would be minimal. I paid less than $30 and lost nothing off the computer. God is good!)

But since then, the cause of my blogyngitis was for other reasons. While I was under the weather a few weeks ago, my to-do list was insensitive to my circumstances and continued to grow in my absence. I feel like I’ve been catching up on my catching up.

Then, since I was commissioned (okay, I volunteered in lieu of economic principle) to paint ornaments for all the world missionaries home itinerating, I spent my extra energies last week on getting those done. That I enjoyed thoroughly even though it consumed more time than I had expected. (Blame all mine. I ‘finished’ the ornaments and, ever the perfectionist, I tweaked it, then tweaked it some more. *sigh* ) We spent this past Monday in Missions Committee meetings at the district office and then had our missionary Christmas banquet that night, during which I passed out the ornaments to my friends from Russia, Mongolia, Madagascar and the Philippines, just to name a few.

Between everything else, my family still expects to eat everyday. Sheesh! So what’s one or two days without food? Or what’s wrong with cold cereal and milk three times a day? They also expect clean clothes. I told them to just not sit too close to others and I’ll get to the laundry, say, like after Christmas. Nothing doing. Then there is the house cleaning: bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, living room, office. Done. Now start it all over again. Ah Chihuahua! Nunca me termino con ese trabajo. Socorro! Ayuda!

Seriously, I love my family and I love taking care of them. I’ve missed blogging, but know my priorities. It is interesting, though, how much I’ve missed connecting with all my blog buddies! And thanks for your well wishes and good advice. Blessings to all!

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