Blogging: Mental-Burping or Writing?

Partly because I haven’t found time or yet revived my pluck, and partly because I’ve been contemplating blogging as public mental-burping (which requires neither much time nor pluck!).

Many blogs are in fact mental-burps, and for a reason: a blog is a web log, a place to open up and let your heart or thoughts come out for the world to see, right?

But the aspiring writer-blogger in me is in a tug-of-war with the mental-burping-blogger in me.

The writer-blogger writes well, her words arranged to flow musically while her message either waltzes, breaks, tangoes, or hip-hops with the reader, leaving them altered with some definitive response at the end.

The latter is what I dream of.

Yet too often the aspiring writer-blogger in me gets yanked into the blog mud-pit by the mental-burper-blogger in me. My muddy self stands to confess, “Guilty!”

This is neither a wrong, a mistake, nor a sin I’m confessing, for sometimes we are guilty of doing good things. But perhaps I should aim at better, instead of good enough?

Ugh! I’m still weighing the two against each other, and I still have so many words and thoughts within.

As a blog reader, what do you think? Which one of these types of blog do you prefer to read?

Before you answer, please excuse me for burping, mentally, this post. I did try writing it.

Because I’m still dreaming.

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