Computer Grief

I shouldn’t be surprised that Murphy’s Law applies to computer technology.

First our internet goes out.  We live in missions housing, so calling for technical help was that much more frustrating since the account is not in our name.   Try explaining to a foreigner (sounded like a techie from India) that, yes, we use the system, but no it is not our account.  It belongs to the church.  “Okay, tank you, mad-um, if you could please give me dee owner’s meedle name“.   I explained to him that the church doesn’t have a meedle name.   “Ah, yes, I see“, he says, “pleez may I have you-ar house address“.  So I give it to him.  Which of course led to much more discussion since our home address and the church address are not the same.    After 35 more minutes, he tells me to “deez-coe-nect dee modem, wait therdy sayconds, plug eet back een, then ple-us tell me dee light sequence on dee modem“.   I lost him.  Literally.  The modem controls not only the internet but the phone and TV as well.  Hello?  Hello?   He – loo – ooo?


But wait…could it be?  The internet worked!   So I don’t know what happened or what light sequence he was waiting for, but at that point I didn’t care.  Our internet awoke from it’s coma!

Then last night my computer crashed.

That ‘it’s-gonna-happen-to-everyone-sooner-or-later’ Windows problem hit: my system 32 config file corrupted.  The Geek Squad is now working on it.  Three days they said.  I told them I don’t have three days.   I have to be at my weekend class in two, and my assignment is on my computer.   They’ll do their best they promised.

Then our college son notifies us that his college issued laptop was stolen over Thanksgiving break, and no, insurance does not cover it.   He has two weeks left in the semester, finals coming up and all assignments due.   He has to buy another one from his school, but he doesn’t have the $500 bucks needed.  Neither do we.   But come to find out, ni modo, doesn’t matter, because the college is temporarily out of stock of their student issued computers.

So, can anyone tell me if Murphy’s Law has any kind of a clause I should know about?

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