Don’t Deceive Me

Please buy my bowls,” a feeble voiced called out.

I turned and saw her leaning against the stone wall of the old church as we made our way towards the zocalo, the center of town.  I felt compassion for the short, old, wrinkled woman–but apparently not enough to stop  and buy anything.  After all, beggars and poor vendors are everywhere; how can one possibly buy or give money to each one?

Yet something about her touched my daughter.  “Mom, we should buy something from her”.

“We’ll see,” I replied, “maybe on the way back”.

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We realized, however, as we were picking them up to decide which ones to buy that this woman was nearly blind!  She couldn’t tell the sizes of the bowls we looked over–which was a problem since they were priced accordingly.   She also seemed to lack that vendor confidence and forthrightness typical of the others.

We made our decision and paid her, explaining which ones we picked and reiterating the prices she had quoted.  After putting the money in her hand, she looked down in an attempt to see and then turned back to us and said, “Don’t deceive me.”

Shock and sadness ripped through me at that moment.  If only she knew we would never do such a thing to her, that the very thought of deceiving her brought  pain to our hearts. If only she knew we stopped to help her and not hurt her.

We reassured her, recounting what we bought and how much we gave her, yet she still replied “Don’t deceive me.”

How many times, I wondered, had she been cheated?  How many have deceived her in the past?

Moreover, I can’t help but think of the thousands, millions in fact, that have been cheated, deceived to be accurate, in matters of life, and of the eternal options for their soul. Deceived in matters of truth. How many false prophets have passed by?  How many false religions?  How many claiming to be light who are leading many toward darkness and death? How many lies?  What multitudes have died to suddenly find themselves in the reality of life after death, unprepared to stand before their Maker?

Evil men and imposters will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.”    II Tim 3:13

Have you been deceived?  Are you the one deceiving? How’s your eyesight?  What is it that you are calling out for…and to whom?

There is only one solution, only one antidote for the deceptions of life: sound Biblical doctrine.  The Bible is ultimate truth, breathed from the very mouth of God.  Learn it!  Know it!  Become convinced of it!  Don’t stand there feebly calling out for politicians, neighbors, education, wealth, or empty religion to help you.  Reach out for God’s Word and to the One who became that Word in flesh: Jesus Christ.

The Scriptures…will make you wise for salvation by faith in Jesus Christ… and will teach you, rebuke you, correct you, and train you in doing what’s right, so you will be made perfect for every good work.”   II Tim 3:15-17


This I had written and posted several years ago and decided to repost based on so much babble and confusion regarding certain modern-day authors and “preachers”, the latest of whom is Rob Bell and his latest book that some label heresy while others label acceptable free-thinking. Debates and arguments aside, I stand by my conviction that God’s Word is absolute Truth and all answers to the questions that humankind is asking are found there, from heaven and hell, salvation of man, life, sin, forgiveness, healing, relationships, et cetera. 

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