Either called or crazy

(written Saturday, July 19. Who knows when I’ll get to an internet place to get it posted)

Although at the point of exhaustion, my hubby made it back safely and after a week living in a downtown Oaxaca hotel for the rest of us, we are in our house. Naturally, half the furniture didn’t arrive as they said on Friday, so we bought colchonetas, these things that look like sleeping bags stuffed with filling, and slept on those. I forgot to buy a comforter for ourselves, and it was pretty chilly since we are about 1600 meters above sea level and tile floors can get cold! I figured a nice hot shower would fix that but why was I expecting so much? Little more than a cold drizzle fell from that thing. Not even enough to rinse the soap off me.

We haven’t quite unpacked yet since we still have no storage space. We have to go back into town today and look for wardrobes and dressers as well as some kind of shelving for the pantry and for the kitchen. Add to that, a stove. Adios, budget. I was hoping that the archaic one here would suffice for the time being. Since it was disgustingly dirty, sticky, and stained, we took it apart and cleaned it. However, after turning it on, using it once for breakfast on Saturday, the gas just kept leaking out. It was a good thing we left for a few hours (yeah, more shopping) because when we walked in that’s when the smell hit us.

It may take up to a week to have a new one delivered, so I’m without a way to cook till then. Even the microwave I bought is useless for the time being since there are no three prong nor polarized outlets in this house and the adapters we bought don’t fit.

Now I remember why I dislike moving! So many minor frustrations piling on top of the normal stress of cross-cultural transition. Are we crazy or called?

Crazy would make me want to shout, “I’ve had it – I’m oughtta here!” Especially when I wake up to use the bathroom and there scurrying about is a tiny scorpion. Or when I’m cleaning out the utility area and find several black widow webs, or nests or whatever they’re called. Or walking around back on the beautiful patio are mounds of fire ant hills. Or when the swarm of bees flew too close for comfort over our heads the other day. Or when we all take turns suffering from Montezuma’s revenge, or when hubby is up all night vomiting and then I worry if he’ll be able to take his anti-seizure meds on an empty stomach.


We’re not crazy, we’re called. It’ll work out. The upside of things is soon to come. Just to get through a few more weeks. Just to purchase the necessary things, Just to see how God miraculously provides. Just to rest for a few days. Just to get the kids settled in school.

We can only do these things through Christ who strengthens us as we trust that our labor has not, is not, will not be in vain.

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