Ever Feel Overwhelmed by Demands on Your Time and Energy?

I talked with a missionary friend recently who confessed to me she felt guilty for saying “no” to volunteering at her child’s school after a personal phone call requesting help. The need was both a valid and worthy one, yet there lacked sufficient workers; the school was desperate.

Should she have committed to helping? Would you have?

I told her I felt she made the right decision not to volunteer and it didn’t matter if other people understood her decision or not. Before we get any further, let me give you some background: my friend, a mother of three elementary children who has been actively involved in their mission, had volunteered last year to do the same job, but had to stop halfway through the year when she was diagnosed with cancer.

Through widespread intercession and with radical treatments, she is now recovering, having been declared cancer-free a few weeks ago. But she is tired; still so very tired.

Yet she cares for her husband, her kids, and her house. She remains partly active in their missions work. And that’s where her limit, currently, is reached. They have been involved in their local church and she’s contemplating (guiltily) how she can back out of her obligations there as well, since it has become more than she can handle. Then, along came the e-mails for volunteers, followed by the personal phone-call. Guilt and pressure continued to build.

This same issue has surfaced recently in numerous conversations I’ve had with other women and I am curious if you too feel overwhelmed with demands on your time and energy?

I’m looking for feedback. I would love to hear your thoughts and/or suggestions. Or if you simply want to let off some steam in this area (*smile*), feel free to leave a comment, anonymous if you prefer.

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