Everbloom Book and Giveaway!

Last autumn the Redbud Writers guild, to which I belong, was accepting submissions to their first anthology. The theme was living deeply rooted and transformed lives.

Below I’ll share about my submission to the book, as well as how you can win a copy, but first things first:

Praise for EVERBLOOM

Once I began reading these stories I couldn’t stop. Each writer is a strong woman who has learned much from life and God. Gritty, funny, painful, affirming. No punches are pulled, but grace abounds.” —Luci Shaw, poet, author of The Thumbprint in the Clay
Readers will find gold within these pages. Excellent writing often springs from deep sorrow that has softened hearts, widened vision, and press its bearer into the Man of Sorrows. —Dee Brestin, author of The Friendships of Women
We read to see elements of our own hearts, experiences and stories reflected back to us in the words of others. This collection is just that: stories that help us feel seen, known, and understood. Honestly and beautifully told, this book will keep you in good company along your own journey.”    —Shauna Niequist, bestselling author of Present Over Perfect
Everbloom contains a smorgasbord of personal stories and reflections that put the strong writing of women and the reality of women’s lives on display. I suspect every reader will find themselves in one or more of these chapters.  But beyond giving readers a lot to ponder, these writers are also offering readers with a story to tell the kind of support they’ve been offering each other. Each chapter contains a “you can do it too” Writing Prompt to inspire the reluctant writer to get started.’  —Carolyn Custis James, author of Half the Church: Recapturing God’s Global Vision for Women and Malestrom: Manhood Swept into the Currents of a Changing World

My Submission Story

Last fall, with sighs of resignation, I kept deleting those early emails from the Redbud Writers Guild inviting submissions to their first anthology. Life was busy; I was already struggling with time to write updates for our ministry and for here, my personal blog.

At the end of October, Mike and I took a weekend anniversary getaway up into the Sierra Juarez, 50 kilometers from where we live (photo above). I took poetry books to read, hoping to glean from published poets, and a legal pad to scrawl notes on. It was to be relaxed writing between walks in the woods and reading by the fireplace: no deadlines, no submissions; simply intended for my creative pleasure as we celebrated twenty-nine years of marriage and ministry together.

Upon returning Monday morning, I found another email in my inbox with the urgency that only two days were left to submit to the Everbloom anthology, and they were looking for additional poetry.

Though we did have an expanding to-do list for the week, Mike encouraged me to spend the morning at home, writing. “You’ve written poems! I know you can write something for this anthology!”

Three hours later, I had a poem, a rough draft titled “A Soul Called Me.” I sent it to a few trusted and qualified friends who offered feedback the next day. The problem was, as poetry goes, I didn’t have the time to sit and make all the synchronized edits and changes that were suggested in their replies. One change I did make, to Mike’s disappointment, was the title, renaming it “Metamorphosis of Me” after one reviewer said the original one seemed confusing to her.

Aside from that, Mike thought the poem was fantastic. (Thanks, mi príncipe azul, for cheering me on.) I, on the other hand, had serious doubts. “Nobody writes a decent poem in three hours,” I muttered, then made myself another cup of coffee. It was time to either submit or file it, and move on to my waiting obligations.

I submitted it. Then I waited on pins and needles for a few weeks to see if it was accepted, which, to my surprise, it was.

Metamorphosis of Me, Pages 178-181, Everbloom

The book released on April 25th. My submission sits among amazing essays and other poems. I confess, I’ve much to learn yet about the art of crafting a poem, but am thrilled my offering was accepted into the anthology that carries the moving, honest, and inspiring words of numerous talented writers and well-published authors.


The publisher sent me an extra paperback copy of Everbloom to give away!

You do NOT have to sign up to follow my blog (though I’d love it if you did). You do NOT have to buy my ebook to get your name in the hat (sure, would love that too!).

(1) Leave a comment on this blog below, under the ‘share your thoughts’ prompt

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I will pick one winner by Saturday evening, May 20, 2017 and announce her (or him) next week here on my blog.

Good luck!

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