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I have to be honest: I had an aversion to the thought of holding an electronic screen and reading for pleasure. I couldn’t understand what the hubbub was about. And I know I’m not alone stating that fact.

Continuing with my honesty, the idea of having one has grown on me; in fact I am considering investing in one someday. And I know I’m not alone stating this fact, either.

Like others, I had thought, “how in the world can you enjoy a book on a screen? How do you curl up on the couch holding the thing in one hand with a hot cup of coffee in the other hand,  your eyes glued and your mind transfixed on the story?” Paper pages are iconic in itself. Are we to rid of them so easily? Will we miss the sound of the page turning as it takes us one step closer to the heart of the story? And what about bookmarks? Placing them in and taking them out is a mechanical part of reading, is it not!? (Except for those who dog-ear pages, and well, shame on you!) Besides, we missionaries print bookmarks to help our supporters remember us. Maybe printing stickers to place on e-readers instead might work? I think not!

But reading-nostalgia’s place on the couch is slowly being pushed aside by want, need, logistics and convenience—especially for ex-pats like myself who don’t have a local lending library nor a mega bookstore to take advantage of, and who therefore either do without most books, or pay a hefty price to ship those bundles of joy. Besides that is the work and cost of packing and shipping the titles already owned when moving time knocks on our door. Books are heavy. E-readers are not.

This is why I’ve revised  my thinking regarding those techie tomes. The next step is to consider which is the best for the dime. (Or thousands of dimes, as the case is).

If you have a reader, which one? If you don’t, but are considering a purchase, which one? Take the poll below. Personally, I’m liking the Sony Reader. Feel free to leave comments!

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