Friday Photo- Day of the Dead

The big November thing in Mexico is Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, the first couple days of the month. It’s also the same time we happen to celebrate our anniversary!

We enjoyed an anniversary getaway, and on the way home encountered this young boy in his “Dia de los Muertos”/Halloween mask:

boy in mask

He was asking for money. His friend was stopping the cars. Quite a system I’d say!

rope boy traffic stopper

I suppose when you live in the middle of nowhere, creativity kicks in to earn some cash – or some kind of something if you don’t have a town large enough in which to go trick-or-treating.

About two miles up the road we passed through another small pueblo…and more kids asking for money, complete with their own rope bearing traffic stopper! This time we tried some ‘international negotiating’. We told the kids if they hopped up on the side of the car and posed for a photo, we’d give them a few pesos. They accepted the deal.

boys in masks

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