From Dedication to Graduation

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Several have asked me, “How are you doing, mom?”

“Okay”, I reply.

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And though I don’t know what, I do know why: because this is what we raised him for.

I was reminded of that in church last Sunday when a young couple dedicated their baby to the Lord. I flashed back eighteen years and saw Mike and I standing with the guest preacher in front of our congregation doing the same. We promised to raise him in the fear of the Lord and to introduce him to the Savior. We promised to train him up in the way he should go.

He’s gone now. He took the diploma with a handshake, moved the tassel from right to left, graduated with a smile, packed his things, and flew away.

These eighteen years were too quick.

Did we do well? I hope so, as there is no erasing, re-writing, or editing to be done as parents. We’ve certainly had our share of shortcomings, but we raised him the best we knew how and now it’s up to him to walk his own path with God…

…and with our never ending love and prayers.


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Love you, Joseph!

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