God’s Mission

What is it?

In Latin it’s called Missio Dei and refers to God’s plan to redeem (set free) and bless the nations through the gospel of Jesus Christ. What a needed mission! Everyday on the news we see the world filled with riots, killings, corrupt governments, and evil events. Think about your country. Does it need to be freed? Could it use a blessing?

Unfortunately Jesus Christ is being kicked out of many nations, including my natal one, the United States. It’s like the drowning man who refuses the lifesaver thrown to him.

That does not change the fact that God’s mission has remained the same from the beginning. From Genesis to Revelation, we see Him continually offering redemption (a delivery from sin) to the lost and those enslaved to evil.

That’s both why and how we should read the Bible, with God’s mission in mind.

Dr. John York, author of Missions in the Age of the Spirit, says

Since God has always had a mission, the Bible should be read missiologically. That is, all of Scripture should be read with a view toward its development of the theme of God’s promise to bless the nations through the promised seed–Jesus Christ.

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