Happy 15th Jonathan!


His soccer team calls him Quincy (from Jonathan Adam); in Latin America they called him Guerrito (little blondie); and we dubbed him Sparky early on because this kid loved life from the minute he was born.

He was the one who was driven loco by all the Ticos (Costa Ricans) who just had to touch his soft blonde hair and squeeze his face as they exclaimed, “que ojos tan azules y hermosos!” (What beautiful blue eyes!)

He was also the one who got in trouble for ‘rebelling’ in his 1st grade class shortly after arriving to Mexico.   His crime?  It was the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe and his teacher stood at the door holding a picture of the Virgin Mary and each child was expected to kiss this picture upon exiting the room.   It was Jonathan’s turn and he took one look at the picture, then looked straight into his teachers face and said in spanish, “I’m not kissing that woman!” and walked away.   (There are certain things you NEVER do in Mexico and insulting La Virgin de Gaudalupe is one of them!)

So that was just one of several times this pentecostal mom was summoned to the catholic school for acts of religious rebellion on the part of her kids.   

Today he requested Pastel de Tres Leches for his birthday cake and Horchata to drink.   He loves being in the states on furlough but does miss certain aspects of Mexico.   I hope we get back soon so he doesn’t lose too much of his Spanish, more so in light of the fact he’s in his second year of high school French!

We love you Jonathan!   You’ve added so much to our life and our family.  You go, man of God! 

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