Hot Tamale!

We ate tamales yesterday wrapped in banana leaves from our own back yard and mmm-mmm were they good.


banana tree backyard_wr

We bought the corn meal dough, still warm, from a lady here in Huayapam on Friday morning. First we prepared the chicken with sauce for the filling.

cut banana leaves_wr

Then we cut, washed, and dried the banana leaves into which we placed some of that corn masa and filling. To finish we folded a leaf around each tamale and tied it shut before cooking in a baño Maria- for me a colander hanging over a pot of boiling water and fitted with foil as a lid to keep in the steam. Afterward I let them cool before placing them in the fridge for Sunday’s lunch.

tamale ready to eat_wr

They were easily heated in the microwave and enjoyed after church.

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