I Hurt

©2013, I.K.Hadinger

©2013, I.K.Hadinger

Two words we humans find so difficult to say…to one another…when it is real.

“I hurt.”

Not physical pain, for that is easy to communicate. Emotional or mental pain is not.

Instead, we use other phrases like, “it’s been hard,” or “I’m struggling,” because they seem more palatable.

Less vulnerable, really.


Smiles and friendly conversation, those seasoned deceivers, trap the truth within.

The fragility inside is guarded well from those who would mishandle it. Yet revealed it must be to those who could help heal it.

But…To whom? is a fearful pondering.

When? and How? are other puzzling queries.

Together they shout in agonizing silence.

If you are hurting today, I pray you’ll find your “whom” and “when” and “how.”

I pray for strength and courage. I pray for God to intervene.

“My soul clings to the dust; give me life according to your word! My soul melts away for sorrow; strengthen me according to your word!”  Psalm 119:25, 28
© 2013, I.K.Hadinger

© 2013, I.K.Hadinger

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