I remember. The day America prayed.

Churches filled that day without a call to prayer. The masses simply showed up.

Crying. Scared. Confused.

“God help us!”

“God we’re scared!”

“God, what will tomorrow hold?”

Hearts in America impacted with shock and fear at each replay of an airplane impacting a tower. Or the pentagon. Or the peaceful field in PA.

Then America prayed.

Heads shook and jaws dropped in horror with every image of a leaping or falling soul.

Then America prayed.

Hands flew covering gasping mouths as the ashes billowed and covered New York.

Then America prayed.

Because in vulnerability and pain, the human heart knows it needs a God all-powerful and all-knowing.

Because when enemies strike, instinctively mankind runs to the safest place: the arms of a living God.

I remember that day. It was the day America prayed. It was a day I prayed…harder and longer and more tearfully than usual.

Today, prayer meetings are scarce, or poorly attended.

The attacks largely forgotten, life goes on.

“How can we get people to pray?” asked a pastor recently.

You can’t. Because we’ve made life self-sufficient. Vulnerability vanished. Or so we are deceived.

Life semi-comfortable. God is mostly forgotten. Except when asked for blessing.

Today a slight reminder. America will pray today. But not like that day.

Because reality has turned into a memory. One that some would do away with.

America must learn to pray like on that day.

Because tomorrow’s memories are today’s incubating realities.

“God help us!”

Pray, America! Like on that day.


photo:  http://www.thealexanderhouse.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/holy-hour-2012-.jpg


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