I Repeat: A Few Choice Words for Hubby!

My guapo turns 51 today. And I’ve got a few choice words for him!

Taking a few minutes to sit down, now that the carrot cake and apple crisp are done, laundry is underway, and before the house gets a quick go-over, I’m going to repeat myself from last year– with one more thing to say.

Since one of hubby’s love languages is words of affirmation, I chose fifty words last year (when he turned the big 5-0) to tell him exactly what I thought of him, one adjective for every year. I’ll repeat that, with another added to equal his years on earth today.

Mike, you are…

Able, affectionate, amazing, astute, attentive,

benevolent, bona-fide, caring, clever, compassionate,

decent, discerning, doting, encouraging, esoteric,

estimable, friendly, funny, gifted, Godly,

good-natured, handsome, helpful, honorable, intelligent,

introspective, judicious, kind, laudable, meritorious,

neat, neighborly, observant, passionate, perceptive,

perspicacious, philosophical, sagacious, selfless, sensational,

sensitive, sharp, striking, sublime, sympathetic,

terrific, thoughtful, understanding, upright, wise,

…and doggone wonderful!

Yes, one person can be all those things. Maybe not all at once, but…

¡Te amo mi guapo!

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