Is Jesus Real? (An Invitation to the Real Jesus.)


So many questions, with so many inadequate answers. Do you really want to know if Jesus is real? Read the Bible for yourself, namely, the Gospels (the first four books in the New Testament). My suggestion is you begin with the Gospel of John.

Then answer the question for yourself, “Is Jesus Real?”

Here is what author Scott Peck found:

“I was absolutely thunderstruck by the extraordinary reality of the man I found in the Gospels….I discovered a man so incredibly real that no one could have made Him up. It occurred to me then that if the Gospel writers had been into PR and embellishment, as I had assumed, they would have created the kind of Jesus three quarters of Christians still seem to be trying to create…portrayed with a sweet, unending smile on His face, patting little children on the head, just strolling the earth with this unflappable, unshakable equanimity…But the Jesus of the Gospels…some suggest is the best-kept secret of Christianity.” – Scott Peck, Further Along the Road Less Traveled, 1993

Too rarely considered is the fact that Jesus knew frustration, loneliness, sadness, agony, and faced incredible temptations (though he never gave in to them). Do you know that Jesus?

I invite you to know him. Read about him for yourself. He’s not as tame, or lame, as you might have been led to believe.

“How can we know the “real Jesus”? Icons of the Orthodox Church, stained-glass windows in European cathedrals, and Sunday school art in low-church Americas all depict on flat planes a placid, “tame” Jesus, yet the Jesus I met in the Gospels was anything but tame…I have a built-in suspicion against all attempts to categorize Jesus, to box him in. Jesus is radically unlike anyone else who has ever lived. The difference, in Charles Williams’ phrase, is the difference between “one who is an example of living and one who is the life itself.” (Philip Yancey, The Jesus I Never Knew, 1995

Is this radical Jesus, who is life itself, real? Read it for yourself: Gospel of John, chapter one. Then chapter two. Keep going, until you finish chapter 21.

That is today’s invitation to Jesus, the real Jesus.

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