Jesus’ Source of Help – An Invitation for You

(Day 5, An Invitation to Jesus – #WRITE31 DAYS)



Since Christ was God, Why Must He Pray?

by Annie Johnson Flint




Since Christ was God, why must He pray?

By Him all things were known and made,

Omniscient and omnipotent,

Why need He ever ask for aid?

Ah! but He put His glory by,

Forgot a while His power great,

Humbled Himself, took human form

And stripped Himself of royal state.




For Christ was also Man; to feel

Man’s strongest tempting, and to know

His utmost weakness, He became

Like other men and suffered so.

And touched with our infirmities,

For those few years like us to be,

He still remembers we are dust,

Since He was tempted like as we.




But well He knew the source of help,

Whence comes all power, strength and peace,

In blest communion with His God,

Care and perplexity would cease.

When all earth’s sorrow and its sin

Too heavy on His spirit weighed,

Quiet and solitude He sought

And to His Father prayed.





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