Luxurious Christian Living

Warren Wiersbe, in his e-book 10 People Every Christian Should Know, writes this of Amy Carmichael, missionary to India:

Holy living was not a luxury to her: it meant sacrifice and ministry. She had no time for Christians who went from meeting to meeting and soaked up Bible truth but never reached out to share Christ with others.

Amy lived what she preached, from reaching out to working girls in Scotland, then on to  Japan, and finally to India where she made history with her groundbreaking ministry to trafficked children.

She didn’t believe in luxurious Christian living, in gluttony of the spirit. She stayed spiritually healthy, exercising her faith by making sacrifices and reaching out to a world in need. That’s how she impacted the turn of the previous century in the name of Christ, rescuing thousands of souls from both an earthly and an eternal hell.

I’ve seen evidence of the opposite in today’s church. People who soak in, attending regularly–perhaps for years on end, some even go from special meeting to special meeting, while their gluttonous spiritual cells have mutated abnormally because they haven’t submitted to the God ordained process of denying oneself and picking up their cross.

And it’s painful. But mostly to the people around them.

They nag, they complain. The pastor can’t do anything right. They’re afraid of change. They refuse to humble themselves and instead make sure their voices of opposition (in the name of holiness and spirituality, of course) are heard by all. They bring discord and murmurings to the body of Christ. They are usually the ones behind church-splits.

Pretty strong you think? Not compared to the stain they bring to the name of the God I love. Not compared to the souls who may never open their heart to the only Savior because of the damage they’ve done.

But this post is not about them.

It’s about you. And me.

It’s about spiritual health vs. spiritual gluttony, about luxurious Christian living vs. sacrifice and ministry.

We all have choices to make, and to make them continually. None of us has “arrived” in ministry. I need to keep myself as spiritually healthy as the next person.

Let’s work together keeping each other spiritually healthy and active, provoking one another to good works, encouraging one another to humility, denying ourselves our desires for spiritual gluttony and luxurious Christian living.

Get out and live for Christ’s sake! And for that of His kingdom.

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