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I’ve been tagged for another meme by Elaine at redheadrev. What is a meme?


For bloggers, meme’s are Internet cultural novelties people link to and repeat (propagate). I really don’t know whether these kind mutate or die. (?!)

The meme I’ve been tagged for is this: I have to share 7 interesting things about myself, then tag seven others to do the same.

  1. I used to have a strong desire to skydive out of a plane…but don’t anymore. (I seem to have plenty of adventure in my current calling, which at times I imagine is a similar sensation to the free fall!)

  2. I love to fly and would really like to take a flight in a helicopter or a fighter jet like the Blue Angels. I’d probably need clean clothes after that latter one, though!

  3. Since I’m on the flying thing, I’ll add another one: in high school my brothers and I went (without our parents knowledge or permission) to fly in a glider plane with a retired WWII vet. It was awesome! Gliders have no engine, and are pulled up either by a mechanical winch or by another small plane; the cable then releases and the glider soars like a bird, as the pilot with skill maneuvers the wing and tail flaps according to wind speed and direction. Definitely one of my most memorable experiences. It was fall time and I remember being awed at the beauty I looked down upon, seeing a beautiful oriental rug woven by the Master’s hand out of the changing leaves on the trees, while off in the distance Lake Erie became a sea of brilliant diamonds glistening in the afternoon sun.

  4. Growing up, I was referred to as the “rose among the thorns”. Why? I have four brothers and I am the only girl.

  5. I hate transition. And I’m a world missionary! Go figure. Hmm, I think I’ll write a book called “Stop Moving My Cheese”. Or I’ll just keep trusting the Lord to lead my life one day at a time. 🙂

  6. I first heard the Gospel from Billy Graham on TV. Then I attended an AWANA group at a local Baptist church during my upper elementary years. The complete dedication of my life to Jesus Christ happened when I prayed with a counselor of the 700 Club via phone. (Wow, some Christian TV does have redeeming qualities!) It was during that conversation that I asked about a Pentecostal church they could recommend, and they gave me directions to the local Assemblies of God church. The rest is history.

  7. I just began packing for our transition (ouch) back to the mission field.

Now I’m going to add a twist to this meme: instead of me tagging seven others, I would really like you, yes YOU, to leave a comment below giving me some interesting 411 about yourself!

(So how about it Pam, Sandy, Erin, Jaime, Linda, Hellen, Dorinda, CBGrace, or Sista Cala?)

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