Meet the Word Painters

They write, they draw, and they use their talent to touch the world for Christ. Called to be creative, they are the Word Painters, and I’d like you to meet them.

Ronne and Courtney start their mornings with a common theme: Jesus and coffee. The time begins with prayer – a simple “Please help me calm down and focus on what I’m preparing to study” that is essential for creative girls prone to anxiety and an affection for shiny objects. They’ll read scripture – and reread it again and again – longing to hear what the Lord might say within the ancient text.

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Ronne is a “words girl”. As a writer, she finds comfort scribbling in a journal. Notes are taken about the words read, notes that are transformed into reminders, encouragements, prayers, and love letters written as friend-to-friend.

Courtney’s love letters are images on an iPad. As an artist, she gathers and pours the wisdom of the ages and wraps it in color and texture. The images that emerge tell stories, inspire response, and make words complete.

Together, the women are the WordPainters. They’ve been working alongside each other since 2007, providing inspiration and encouragement to small groups, mission teams, and people who love to experience the intersection of Christ and creativity. From illustrated keynotes to interactive workshops, the WordPainters share stories of hope that change stories.

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Ronne is a wife, mom, and GiGi. She is a marketing executive who now supports a global nonprofit, and she shares leadership wisdom regularly at Orange Leaders and QARA. She believes wholeheartedly that God redeems all things – including time, and she loves spending what He has given her on stories that change stories. In addition to For You, Love, Ronne’s work is featured in Everbloom (Paraclete Press). She is currently working on her next book, Building Eden, about the principles of grace-filled leadership. It features insights of women she’s met and worked with around the world.

Courtney is a wife and mom, and is missions leader for Northeast Community Church. She thrives in places of brokenness, for it’s there her creativity comes alive. In fact, her husband calls her a “project sniper” because of her innate ability to transform chaos into calm. Her favorite days are ones that find her covered in paint or dripping in sweat as the result of saying ‘yes’ to a new adventure. In addition to illustrating For You, Love, Courtney is a freelance artist and designer.

Both Ronne and Courtney live in Austin, Texas, and both serve as mission trip leaders for Orphan Outreach in Guatemala, Honduras, and beyond.

Now, Ronne and Courtney have a new way to respond. For You, Love is a responsive prayer journal filled with love notes and contemplative images based on the books of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians.

Read them the way you’d read a letter from a friend,” shares Ronne, “and share them with someone else who needs to be reminded that God loves and He redeems and He has created us for community.”

Courtney agrees.

Let the images be your starting place in responding to what you read. Let the scriptures inspire you to not only read but also listen to what God wants to say to you. We believe He has a love note waiting – He’s faithful that way.”

Sharing a common passion for orphans and vulnerable children, the two women have chosen to use the proceeds from the sale of For You, Love for scholarships, benefiting those who long to participate in orphan care ministry.

“We have funded our first scholarship through the sale of the prayer journals. The recipient is a woman from Michigan who founded Grace’s Table, a ministry for teen moms in her community. Some amazing things are happening in their lives. She is a single mom, and her own experience is what the Lord used to inspire her.”

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