Missions (Re)Defined?

I have been a little confused recently in regards to the word ‘missions’.   It’s volleyed back and forth in evangelicum, sometimes as a hot potato and other times as the coveted pigskin trying to make the touchdown for it’s team.

I came across an excellent post by a co-laborer from mi patria adoptada that explained my thoughts in a much better way than I could have.  

Post excerpt:

 “The definition of missions is changing….it’s obvious that the upcoming generation of leaders thinks differently about the way cross-cultural ministry should be done… but such trends give this missionary pause for thought. The church today has, to a certain extent, adopted the current business mentality.“The reality is that incarnational ministry, “walking among the people” is the only real method to effect change in a culture. Programs pass away, and events come and go, but it is my hope that the presence of the missionary and the example of the ambassador of Christ in the cross-cultural context will remain.”

The full post is worth reading and can be found at www.disciplemexico.org/2007/09/conversations.html

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