Mother’s Day Book Give-Away “MOMumental, Adventures in the Messy Art of Raising a Family

Ps. 127:3 –   No doubt about it: Children are a gift from God.

Mother’s Day is Thursday! And Sunday!

In Mexico, then in the USA, respectively. (Though I’ve tried milking it, I’m still not given a double celebration.)

If you’re still pondering a gift for the occasion, let me suggest Jennifer Grant’s “MOMumental–Adventures in the Messy Art of Raising a Family“, released today. In fact, you can win this book. (Details below.)

Personally, I look forward to reading this book for multiple reasons, of which I’ll share two. Here’s the first:

Somewhere between Erma Bombeck and a classical theologian/philosopher…

That’s how Wayne Shepherd of Oasis Audio describes the author. That hooked me. I love Erma Bombeck’s writing along with her numerous quotable quips like, “housework, if you do it right, will kill you.” Perhaps some of Jennifer’s penned offerings will also be added to my list of, um, pleasantries?

Secondly, the book’s introduction is titled “Velveteen Parenting –Adventures in Becoming Real.” I’d buy the book for that in itself, as The Velveteen Rabbit remains one of my favorite all-time true stories. (Yes, true, for those of us who have lived or are living it.) Grant says, “I have embraced a much more realistic view of what I can do as a parent than I had when I first became a mother.”

Messy moments as we raise our families have a way of doing that.

Grant continues: I love the Mother Teresa quote about how perhaps we cannot do great things, but we can do small things with great love. Being a mom is certainly about doing small things with great love. I remember two years ago, when the flu was going around my house, sitting on the floor of the bathroom with my then 10 year old daughter in my lap.  We were sitting on a mound of towels, she was weary from being sick and every so often she would vomit. All over me. Although it was a scene fit for a horror movie in that bathroom, I felt such deep love and compassion for her and honestly actually felt privileged to be able to give her comfort and care when she was so ill.  She later thanked me and said that she was too tired to say anything at the time, but she could actually feel my love for her through my arms as I held her.  This meant the world to me.  I think mothering – maybe especially when kids are sick or in a tricky stage or otherwise not at their best – gives us an opportunity to become less selfish as we communicate our great love to them.

Now it’s your turn. If you would like a chance to win MOMumentalleave a comment telling us about one of your messy mom moments, and how it changed you.  Friend and rocket-blogger April of MonkeysInMyBag will choose the winner by midnight Wednesday, May 9. So hurry! Winner* to be announced Thursday via comment section.

For a bit more about the book, take a listen:

  1. Chapter One – Fledge Words and Fairy Dust, read by the author.

  2. Author Interview, Worthy Publishing and Oasis Audio

Jennifer lives with her husband and four children outside of Chicago, Illinois.

*(Winner must have a continental U.S. mailing address. Thanks!)

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