My Sabbath

Yesterday I took my Sabbath and it was good. It is God’s gift to me, and to everyone else who keeps it.

This is something we have purposed to do and again, it doesn’t just happen. We have to focus and plan to make it happen. For many Sunday is their day of rest. Usually for me Sunday’s are not a day of rest. It really doesn’t matter what day, since Jesus himself said that man was not made for the Sabbath, but that the Sabbath was made for man.

So, what did I do? I read, meditated, prayed and studied. I also took a nap! Later, I spent a very relaxing (stress-free) time with my daughter, while one son was at basketball and the other was at work. I am ready for another week! My body is refreshed and my spirit renewed.

I’ve had others say, “Wow, that’s great that you can do that. It’d be nice if I could“. I encourage them to do whatever it takes to make it happen for them as well. After all, it is one of the ten commandments!

Last time we were in the states on deputation (2002-3) I had asked women this question: How does a woman take a Sabbath? After all, we still need to cook and prepare food, perhaps run errands, or play chauffeur to kids in sports, right? How would you answer that question? Do you honor the Sabbath?

I’m curious to hear your responses.

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