Nacho Libre Bike

Welcome to “Friday Photo from the Field”.   Today’s photo is of a vendors bike that my kids call the “Nacho Libre Bike”. Yes, they really do have these in Mexico!  I remember last year while still in Ohio a few teens came over to watch the movie (Nacho Libre) with our boys and they really thought those bikes were props made especially for the movie.  No, they are the real deal and were you to come visit us here in Oaxaca, you’d see them everywhere.

Here, this young lady is sitting outside of a bank selling ‘aguas’.  These are different ‘waters’ or juices such as agua de limon (lemonade) and jamaica (drink made from hibiscus flowers) to name a couple.  Others will sell tamales, candy, or just about anything that can make them a peso or two.

vendor on bike

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