Not Bezalel, but…

One of my favorite passages is Exodus 31. There we find two men, Bezalel and Oholiab, who God had chosen and filled with His Spirit, with skill, and with knowledge to do artwork and crafts. It wasn’t scrap-booking, one-stroke painting, or floral arranging, rather it was to beautifully decorate the tabernacle, the altars, and all the furnishings for the tent of meeting.

I like this passage because I like doing crafts, being creative, and seeing the work of my hands. In a small way, I identify. God has not anointed me nor commissioned me to do a work like He did through Bezalel and his helpers, but He did put in me a desire and an ability for arts and crafts. And when I spend time doing them, I sense the peace, approval, and nearness of God, because I am using the talents He gave me.

It’s too bad then that I had allowed it to be pushed aside for so long.

That changed this past week. I organized my neglected craft drawers, took out my paintbrushes, shook my old paint bottles in hope of reviving them, and decided to do a project I had contemplated for so long. (How often I had said to myself, “Oh, that would look great painted…someday. I’ll have to sew these patterns…as soon as I get a chance to go downtown to buy material. I’ve got to get to my scrap- booking…when things slow down.”)

Today I finished a table I began Monday evening. Since I was on a roll, I did another small project. It’s evening now and I am happy. I arose, I saw, I created! And as I sit here writing, I feel the peace, approval, and nearness of God.

my paints, waiting

my painted sewing table

grapevine heart wreath

painted coffee can...

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