Old Fashioned Internet?

We have internet at the house. Yippee! But it’s dial up and my laptop won’t connect at more than 28.8. *sigh* The other day my daughter was sitting next to me and listened as I signed on. She was fascinated by the connecting sounds of phhhhzzz-ting ting-doodle-deedle- poing POING and asked, “Is that old fashioned internet?”

An oxymoronical question like that is indeed telling of the speed of today’s technology.

Another missionary who left the field offered to give us their satellite, but the cost to have internet set up through that is astronomical. Neither cable nor high speed internet has yet arrived to our pueblo. When we called, we were told, “in a few months we’ll offer service there“. Translation: maybe in a year or two or three we’ll get up to your area.

I have wanted to respond to all the comments that have been left on my various posts, as well as follow many of your blogs that I enjoy, but I don’t have the time to do that on the slow connection and I simply have not had the opportunity to go into town by myself and hang out at a wi-fi cafe for a few hours to do so. This dilemma has also hindered my online course and I now find myself behind in three lessons.

I’ve been using Windows Live Writer to write our blogs offline. When they won’t publish through our dial up, I then wait until we happen to be close to a coffee shop in town that offers wireless and then I have but a few minutes to enjoy a cuppa Joe with my honey and quickly send mail and my posts and receive messages.

Ah, but this is all part of new millenium transition. A hundred years ago, I’d still be on a mule or a train, or I’d be hauling water up from the river to bathe, or I’d be sending you these messages by pigeon.

Old fashioned internet? Just a matter of perspective.

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