Our Anniversary and Day of the Dead

When we planned our wedding day for November 1st twenty one years ago, never would we have imagined that we would be in Mexico, where Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a much celebrated holiday on the same day.

Well, here we are.  Everyone has been buying flowers the past few days to build altars in their homes for their departed loved ones.  Everyone, that is, except us and the rest of the Christian community.  My husband did buy flowers- to remind me of a covenant made at an altar.  That covenant is anything but dead.

Many people are traveling to homes of loved ones; Mexican highways are busy this weekend.  My hubby as well is traveling this weekend.  Today, our anniversary, he spent sitting behind a wheel driving from Oaxaca to San Luis Potosi while I stayed home and did laundry and read in the sun.  Never fear, we did spend a wonderful afternoon together yesterday.  We had a nice lunch together and even ended up with some fine chocolate I carried home in one hand while the roses were in the other.

A romantic dinner is planned for later this month in the zocalo, downtown Oaxaca, which has a charm all it’s own and is the perfect place to celebrate such an important day.

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