Our Anniversary (and the Day of the Dead)

When we planned our wedding day for November 1st twenty-four years ago, never would we have imagined that we would be in Mexico, where Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a much celebrated holiday during this same time.

Now, here we are.  Communities are abuzz with people preparing special meals and buying flowers to build altars in their homes and to decorate graves of loved ones. They will then go to that grave and share a light meal with the deceased before heading home where they wait for the departed to come and enjoy their favorite foods with them.

My husband also buys flowers– and places them in my hands to remind me of the love and promises made at a different altar. Then we’ll go out tonight and enjoy a special meal, as we reminisce about the years and talk about the covenant we made to each other.

A covenant that is anything but dead.

To have and to hold, from this day forth, …

We still have each other to hold.

for richer or for poorer…

We’ve known God’s blessings of provision and we’ve learned to pray through scarce financial seasons.

for better or for worse…

We’ve had joyful times and we’ve suffered significant loss;

we’ve loved and we’ve fought.

in sickness and in health…

We’ve known health and have endured through life-altering sicknesses.

till death do us part.

But we’re still committed.

And we’re still in love.

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