Paralyzed, she insists, “I’ll be on my feet dancing…then I’ll kneel at Jesus

(credit: #write31days :: Day 9

(credit: #write31days :: Day 9

Because of Jesus, the Christian has the expectation of a bodily resurrection. Joni Earickson Tada was paralyzed in a diving accident as a teenager. After initial bouts of anger and depression, a transformation occurred within her. A realisation of the truth of Scripture, and that Jesus’ resurrection paved the way to ours. .

“I with shrivelled, bent fingers, atrophied muscles, gnarled knees, and no feeling from the shoulders down, will one day have a new body, light, bright, and clothed in righteousness – powerful and dazzling. Can you imagine the hope this gives someone…like me? Or someone who is cerebral palsied, brain-injured, or who has multiple sclerosis? Imagine the hope this gives someone who is manic depressive. No other religion, no other philosophy promises new bodies, hearts and minds. Only in the Gospel of Christ do hurting people find such incredible hope.” Joni Earickson Tada, Heaven Your Real Home, 

For the Christian, the belief of both resurrections – Jesus’, which is past, and ours, which is to come – are related to one another. Our hope therefore is not only the immortality of our soul, but the raising up and transformation of our physical bodies. Joni continues:

I will be free to jump up, dance, kick and do aerobics. And although I’m sure Jesus will be delighted to watch me rise on tiptoe, there’s something I plan to do that may please him more…the first thing I plan to do on resurrected legs is to drop on grateful, glorified knees. I will quietly kneel at the feet of Jesus.

You’re invitation to Jesus today, is to believe in the resurrected Christ.

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