Peace in Uncertainty

There was a lot of noise last night. Our dogs were causing quite a scandal with their barking; then the neighbors’ dogs started up. It was dark and we couldn’t see anything, but the pups seemed to be bothered at something toward the other neighbors house- which has been vacant since the owner moved out seven months ago (but left it furnished I must add.)

Some concern was already present since yesterday morning we were told about a guy hanging around the street looking very out of place. A lady described him to me this way, “He had light colored and wild hair, was very skinny, with a huge tattoo on one arm”. In short, he scared her and he was definitely not from this pueblo.

Then my husband dreamt last night that someone was standing over our bed with a gun, and when he saw him he jumped up and tried to grab the guys face. He woke up with a burden to pray (this happens occasionally). I asked him if he was sure it was only a dream.

To add to the drama, we were told today that one of our pups was poisoned yesterday. This is the second dog poisoning we’ve had. The pups mom was poisoned in October, two days before our house was broken into and we were robbed. Both times, the lady that helps us out saved the dogs by forcing milk into them, which works as an antidote.

Poisoning dogs is common here in Mexico. A piece of food, stuffed with some type of poison, is thrown over the fence for the dog to eat. People here have dogs for protection. Criminals here throw poison to dogs to remove that protection.

So what do we do? Move? Pray? Get more dogs? What we do is keep trusting the Lord and continue being sensitive to his leading.

If we feel prompted to move (to another part of Oaxaca), we will. There is no guarantee, however, that any other area would be safer. The teachers’ strikes are increasing in town, which frustrates us to no end. They without warning will hijack a bus and block traffic and mess up thousands of commuters. Yesterday they hijacked more than a dozen buses and the newspapers stated something about ‘acts of violence’. Two years ago Oaxaca made international news with the extensive strikes that crippled the entire city, then turned violent and deadly before the army finally came in. Yes, these are teachers (fueled and aided by a national communist group).

On a national level, this country is daily becoming less secure. You may be hearing all sort of news about travel alerts and other advisory’s from the US Dept. of Defense. Today this country is what Columbia was twenty years ago; the narco’s army is now the same size as the national gov’t army, and no one really knows where all this is headed.

Whether danger may be near of far, Jesus promised to keep us in perfect peace as we keep our minds focused on Him. He also promises to respond to our prayers and to the intercession offered by others.

If you pray for us, we thank you sincerely. Please don’t stop.

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