Piropos- Flirtations

Latins do have a romantic reputation now, don’t they?  Every Valentine’s Day brings out a new host of piropos, or flirtatious sayings around here.  I love them!  They go both ways, too:  from the man to the woman or from the woman to the man.


Here’s a sampling of a few.  (They flow much nicer in Spanish, and many of them rhyme):

  1. If beauty were seconds, you’d be 24 hours.

  2. When you take a sip, I want to be the glass, to meet at your lips and give you a kiss on the mouth

  3. You’re late! I’ve been waiting for you my whole life.

  4. To tell myself to stop thinking of you is like telling my heart to stop beating.

  5. You’re like a capuccino:  sweet, hot, and you make me nervous!

  6. I’ll only stop loving you the day an artist can paint the sound of a tear falling…

  7. Didn’t you get hurt when you fell from the sky?

  8. Heaven must be sad to have lost a beautiful angel like you

  9. When you’re in my arms, I forever wonder how much I owe destiny for the fortune it gave me to be with you

  10. If your arms were my chains, and loving you my prison, what a joy it would be to serve my sentence!

  11. I wish I were one of your tears:  born in your eyes, fall down your cheeks, and die on your lips.

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