Poinsettias (Better late than never!)

Yes, I did post similar photos last year. But that was then and this is now- sort of.

I took these photos in early December before getting caught up in that whirlwind called holiday travel that took us north to Ohio, south to Florida, back north to Ohio, then a final south, coming home to Oaxaca. Yeah, kinda like a migratory bird on speed.

I figured I’d share these because they’re beautiful and because it’s better late than never, right? If only  you could have enjoyed them in their live, three dimensional form like I did.

Even so, glory to God for the beauty of his creation:

On our street; "Tio" wheeling the fresh cut poinsettias to the center of town in prep for the annual posadas

Up close and beautiful

on the main road in Huayapam- poinsettias framing part of someones yard

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