Pray for my friend

A friend from our home church here went with Jewish Voice (Messianic group) to Ethiopia as part of a medical missions team, with the goal of ministering to the Jewish community there. I received this e-mail from her:

Urgent Request: On Weds evening the clinic was stoned and windows were broken. Satan was trying to prevent what happened today – the president of the local Jewish synagogue came into the clinic and said he had a dream last night that God had opened the Scripture to him and he wanted to accept Jesus as his Messiah. Of course, the leadership at JV was skeptical, but they checked it out and feel that it was real. He invited Jonathan to go tomorrow night to the synagogue to open the Scripture to 300 members of the community! PTL. However, where there is victory, there is always opposition. Today there was a riot outside the gates of the clinic. The police came to disperse it, but we were quickly shuttled out under protection of vehicles onto the buses to return to the hotel, at the end of the day. One of the buses was stoned and several people were tearing up the gospels that were given out. Also women were making cut throat signs to us as we drove by. Tomorrow is out last day and I know that Satan will be out in full force, but I also know that God has His angels all around us. Please pray for great victory tomorrow at the clinic and for Jonathan as he presents the Scripture to this precious group of Jews. Also, the group that is giving us all the trouble is the Orthodox church here in Ethiopia. They are a mixture of the Catholic Church and Voodoo. We have received very little opposition from the Jewish community. Thank you for your prayers – God is truly moving here. Love to you all. Kaye and the JVMI team

Typical frontline missions. But God is powerful and on their side. Amen!

This man having a dream is also occurring quite frequently, especially among Muslims! A good friend in a sensitive country told us last year that we would not believe how many come to him stating that they had a dream, or a vision, of Jesus himself and recognized Him immediately as being the true Son of God and Saviour of the world. Often, they are directed in this dream/vision to this friend, or another within his circle of ministry. They become apostates of Islam and disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ! Hallelujah! I believe this is a result of those who set aside time to fast and pray for the world, especially the Muslim world.

Please keep my friend and the JVMI team in prayer today. Thank you.

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