Praying for Prodigal MK’s, Part Two

In my last post (click here) I asked for missionary parents to leave names of their prodigal children for whom they would like prayer. Below is the list of names left either in the comment section of that post, or via private messages on FB.

You can’t choose Christ for your kids, but you can pray that they choose Christ. And I’ve met far too many children who have come to Christ because their parents prevailed in prayer, sometimes for decades, to believe God for anything less. What other option do we have? To pray or not to pray – these are the only options.                                 – Mark Batterson, Praying Circles Around Your Children

Join your voice with mine – and with that of each parent of these children – in lifting up these names before the throne of God; pray God’s promises as the Spirit leads you for:


daughter (anonymous)







Amen! I look forward to testimonies of answered prayer, don’t you?

One word of advice to parents of prodigals: form a prayer circle with other parents. Covenant to pray for each other’s children. Why parents? Because no one can pray for children like parents! Empathy fuels intercession. We need to stand in the gap for one another or, maybe I should say, kneel in the gap. – M.Batterson, Praying Circles Around Your Children



Worldwide Day of Prayer for Prodigals founder Judy Douglass’ Prayer for My Prodigal

Loving a Prodigal free e-book

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