Reading, Writing, and Sudoku

You’ll never guess what I got for Valentine’s Day.  Even I couldn’t.

But I am using it even as I type. Nope, not a computer, nor any new books.  Not even a new fountain pen (which I love and buy for myself).

My handsome boyfriend of 23 years (and hubby for 22) gave me a two-day personal retreat.  So here I am somewhere in the heart of Oaxaca City reading, writing, and doing Sudoku puzzles.

I packed all kinds of books with the intention of getting much writing done: catching up on my overdue lessons with the Christian Writer’s Guild, polishing articles, writing query letters to magazines, and getting more blogs posted on one of the four sites I manage.

My ambitions forgot to consider how slow of a writer I am. Really! Since yesterday I haven’t yet finished my next lesson, nor sent out a query, and am only now getting to another blog post (even if it is simply journaling to tell you about my gift).

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=fountain+pen&iid=5266949″ src=”2/7/3/5/Closeup_of_the_c599.jpg?&imageId=5266949″ width=”197″ height=”158″ /]I did, however, begin reading a historical fiction by Ann Rinaldi, worked three Sudoku puzzles, cleaned up my inbox, began research for my next lesson, and even wrote with my fountain pen in my spiral bound notebook.

In other words, I’m having a great time!

It may seem like an ironic Valentine’s gift, but this truly is a self-less love gift from my hubby. He knew I wanted this, needed this. Amazing, isn’t he?

Now back I go to writing. Maybe even an article on how men can love their wives, since I’ve got a great model to work with.

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