Restarting…with Jesus

I had this brilliant plan to re-launch my blog last spring, following a period of (mostly) silence. Charged with chutzpah, I even made a Facebook writer page on which to link my posts, though I second-guessed myself thereafter for days, wondering who the heck I thought I was to call myself a writer.

The brilliant plan quickly came to naught. I faced several obstacles and my blog became stale. Facebook would send me comical messages on occassion that said, “Your fans are waiting to hear from you.”

Fast-forward to last week: I heard about 31 Days, a blogging challenge that I decided to take on. The idea is to write every day for 31 days during the month of October on one topic. The posts can be short, creative, photos, whatever.

Deciding to participate in this challenge, my topic of choice became JESUS. There is no better way to pick ourselves up from discouragement and start over other than with the One who makes all things new.


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