For the weekend, I am retreating. That can mean a lot of things, but in this case, it simply means I am going to a retreat for women. I believe it’s mainly for missionary wives, but I may be wrong.

Don’t know much about it beyond it’s theme “Princess Warrior Retreat”.  An ironic title – but I love it. What female doesn’t like any aspect of royalty? What serious Christian doesn’t want to be a warrior for the cause of Christ?

I also like the image it portrays: a princess, beautiful and courageous, fighting alongside everyone else with her long hair wafting in the wind as she bravely goes into battle with determination and expected victory gleaming on her face. Beats the helpless-sniffling-princess-in-the-tower image. I am woman, hear me…sound the trumpet and swing my sword.

Enough imagery. I’m just glad I can attend.

Another retreat was offered free in Cancun (yes, that Cancun and yes, I did say f-r-e-e!) last fall for missionary wives through Women of the Harvest. Completely paid for at a resort facing the crystalline waters of the Caribbean; complete with free spa, hair, and beauty treatments, and counseling to boot! Oh, and spiritually motivating sessions I might add.

Did I mention free? Room, food, amenities. You got it all.

Except for the way there. And back.

Which is why I had to cancel my reservation. That was a bitter pill to swallow! My “free” retreat would have cost me over $500 simply to get there and back home. Getting there would have been half, but something inside compelled me to look into round trip prices. *wink*

Although this weekend ain’t Cancun, I am looking forward to fellowship, good ministry, and productive prayer times. Yes, I am retreating; withdrawing to a quiet place.

And that certainly beats removing myself from a difficult place, withdrawing from the enemy’s superior power, backing away from a threatened position, declining in value, or any other way Webster defines it.

And you? Are you ready to retreat…the right way?

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