This post will be short and sw…uh, sour.

Saturday night we were robbed, again.  We were headed to the Bible Institute to teach and work, and had to make a stop on the way.  When we came out to our parked car, the first thing we noticed was our computer bags missing. 

They took everything they could, except the cinnamon rolls I baked that morning and had stuck under the passenger seat, out of the sun. My husband’s wallet, both our cell phones, the satellite radio receiver, my daytimer, and both our laptop bags – gone.  The drivers side door lock was ripped open and off.  There remains a gaping hole revealing the ‘guts’ of the door.

What we’re left with is the task to recollect all the work lost on those computers, figure out what to do these next days without our ‘tools’ for work, and buy new cell phones.  We’ve a pending trip planned from Oaxaca to Missouri and are praying for wisdom and provision as we make travel plans.

In the midst of it all, we have to agree with our Mexican friends:  at least we were not present, and therefore not harmed.  The collective consensus is, we’d be badly injured, if even alive, had the robbery occurred in our presence.

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