Seven Ways in Seven Days – How to Pray Practically for Missionaries :: Day #7 Spiritual Warfare

Day #7 – Spiritual Warfare

Our spiritual weapons of battle are not carnal, but mighty. Spiritual warfare is not begging God for an answer, rather it is joining Christ in casting down Satan’s strongholds, gaining victory against his schemes, and setting captives free.

How do we engage effectively and practically? Like any army, via intelligence: knowledge of the enemy’s tactics and the place of battle.

Be knowledgeable about the SCHEMES of the enemy:

1. PHYSICAL HEALTH:  This is a favorite weapon. How many missionaries do you know who are suffering from chronological sickness? Or those who seem to be battling one physical ailment after another?

Watchman Nee writes in his book, Teach Us to Pray,

We ought to point out how many of the Lord’s servants, before they went forth to preach the gospel, were in good health, but after…their health failed.”

In 1986, The Alliance Witness, a CMA publication, stated

Recent events indicate that Satan is waging an all out attack…our missionary force is being rapidly depleted by serious illness and death.”

2. WEARING OUT: This is a subtle and gradual decrease in certain areas. The target is typically unaware of the wearing out of the following:

  • Spiritual Health

  • Their prayer life slows down, ebbing away little by little

  • They begin relying more on their own gifts, abilities, and planning.


  • They face repeated discouragements

  • They have unresolved issues from the past that frequent their thoughts or dreams

  • There is tension/bickering within their marriage, family, or community

4. IMPEDIMENTS – Unusual obstacles (often repeated) that keep the missionary struggling to accomplish a task.

Be knowledgeable about the area where they serve.

Knowing geographical or demographical information is necessary. Investigate (or read their newsletters to learn) the culture, political climate, history, spirituality, and current events of the area where the missionary works. This takes time and effort on your part but it will result in greater success as you battle in prayer.

Let’s Pray

Almighty God, we come boldly before your throne, interceding and joining Christ in casting down Satan’s strongholds over __________________. Your Word teaches us that our spiritual weapons are not carnal, but are powerful in destroying the schemes of the enemy. Today we are not here begging you for answers, but rather fighting to see the victory gained in _____________________’s life and ministry. We come against disease and sickness, asking that the healing virtues of Jesus Christ be manifest in _____________________’s body. Holy Spirit, breathe renewed life and fervency into their prayer life and help him/her to be on guard against Satan’s tactic of relying more on his/her own gifts than on You. Give _____________________ victory over discouragements and lies, and bring wholeness to his/her mind when hurts from the past arise. We pray against petty arguments and tensions within ____________________’s relationships. Prince of Peace, raise a standard against discord! In Christ’s name we declare obstacles removed in order that the task at hand be fulfilled. Finally we come against the principalities and powers over ___________(insert name of place and any relevant geographical and demographical information here) _____________________________.May the captives be set free as you send a spiritual awakening there! We praise you and your powerful Name! Thank you for defeating the enemy with the blood of the Lamb. All glory and honor to You!  Amen. 


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