Seven Ways in Seven Days- Practical Prayers for Missionaries :: Their Personal Life

Day Four: The Missionary’s Personal Life

Regardless of who you are or to what you’ve dedicated your life, the following list contains good, practical advice. Yet it is an acutely in-touch one of prayer over the missionary. Don’t think for a minute missionaries have all the following parts of their personal life beautifully mapped out and working seamlessly. In fact, missionaries truly need prayer provocations of each bulleted point below...because they’re human, and because Satan is still in the sifting business.

Spiritual Health

Sometimes missionaries are so busy giving and serving ‘in the name of Jesus’, they neglect vital basics. Please pray that the missionary…

  1. Daily glorify/delight in Jesus Christ

  2. Daily read/meditate on Scripture

  3. Practice forgiveness (this is huge!)

  4. Prays and fasts consistently

  5. Takes a Sabbath rest (most broken commandment)

  6. Attends church (this can be harder than you realize!)

Physical Health

This is an area where the missionary must be proactive, to help battle stress and keep the enemy from gaining a foothold of sickness. Pray for the missionary to…

  1. Exercise regularly

  2. Sleep well

  3. Dedicate themselves to eating a healthy diet (as much as is possible in their corner of the world)

  4. Be guarded supernaturally from the enemy’s fiery dart of sickness

Mental Health

Surprised? Given the many factors of stress, transition, and culture shock, this is a valid prayer need. Pray that the missionary will…

  1. Develop a daily routine (a healthy rhythm) that brings personal satisfaction (including devotional time, hobbies, and physical activity)

  2. Find an accountability partner/friend. Sometimes a good chat over a cup of coffee can do wonders.

  3. Seek counseling/medication as needed, without a sense of shame. God has called men and women to be Biblical counselors and therapists for a reason!


Pray that the missionary…

  1. Spends quality family time

  2. With kids

  3. With Spouse

  4. Makes friends who encourage, listen, empathize, and make them laugh.

Academic Growth

Pray for the grace, wisdom and/or the Lord’s provision for…

  1. Continued language/communication growth

  2. Formal/informal studies


The temptation to turn to addictive behaviors when overwhelmed with life is part of our fallen nature. Pray for your missionary to avoid the pitfalls and/or be delivered from…

  1. Internet use (excessive)

  2. Social media (excessive)

  3. Pornography

  4. Alcohol

  5. Financial overspending (debt)

Let’s Pray

Dear Lord, today may you lead ____________________ into a glorious time of worship and prayer, and may they find nourishment for their soul as they feed on Your Word. May ______________ not neglect any of your commands but instead be revitalized in obeying them. I ask for protection and a physical health covering,  destroying any schemes of the enemy. Moreover, let ____________ be  proactive and sensible in their self-care, both physically and mentally. Help them guard their mind by learning to develop a healthy rhythm. Please provide friendships that bless and hold them accountable. Let there be no shame in asking for counseling help if needed. I pray that __________________ would make family time a priority, and be refreshed through recreation and laughter. If it is your will that _____________ continues studying, I pray for financial provision to fulfill that. Finally I plead the blood of Jesus over their heart and emotions, that they would not be lured into vices that destroy. If ___________________ is already struggling in any of those harmful strongholds, I pray for repentance and deliverance. You are able Lord to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask! Thank you that your Spirit knows no limits and can touch, bless, heal, and deliver _______________________ as they serve you in ___________________.  Amen!


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